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Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's Amazing I Survived Until Now!

My parents both lived through The Depression...not the recession we've been experiencing for the last few years, the REAL Dust-Bowl, pencil-selling , food lines Depression. They also managed to survive a world war designed to end them all just prior to beginning a family. Maybe it's a lucky thing there were only two kids...maybe not. Both Mom and Dad came from huge families with at least 10 children (which might have prompted their having only two!), all of whom survived until adulthood at least, and a couple are well into their 90s. It's a miracle, but no more so than the fact that Fred and I are both still kicking. You see, OUR parents had to do everything by guess/trial and apps available.
Today's parents have everything they can possibly need, and now they have even more. Read Dr. Spock? No need. There's an app for the smartphones that will provide, at a moment's notice, any kind of child-rearing information needed. Need proof? Here are a few examples (or you can skip to the URL listed and see all of them without reading the rest of the blog):

1. Total Baby--This app fro the phone allows parents to log the last time the baby was fed, slept, changed or been inoculated. No more guesswork about the scheduling.
2. Baby Phone Deluxe--This app allows parents to leave home without the baby's sleep monitor. It's enough that they travel with enough accouterment to stock a grocery store, so it's bound to be a helpful item when the child falls asleep on the couch and resists moving to an actual bed.
3. I Love Potty Training--yes, there is an app for this. It provides a training chart along with an interactive, animated function involving when/how to get kids interested. There is also a reward button and a diploma for the successful child.
4. Kid Care--This is actually useful, I think. It provides quick access to medical information as well as visual images of symptoms to aid in diagnosing just how serious the problem is.
5. Sit or Squat--This app might be a real life-saver since by inserting a zip code, the app will indicate where the nearest public bathroom is located! Come to think of it, this might be even MORE handy for pregnant women!

And on and on...there are literally dozens of these things available for a relatively minimal cost for both iPhones and Androids.
And, of course, there's always Angry Birds for your phone as well.
How did our parents manage?


At 11:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 11:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was talking to my grandma the other day and I think I'm going to keep this bit of wisdom, "You kids worry too much about raising your children. Put food on the table, a roof over their heads, and hug them every once and awhile. That's parenting."


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