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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sausages, Laws and Tacos...

When Otto von Bismark made the quote, "Laws are like sausages: it is better not to see them being made," he was obviously referring to the oftentimes dubious contents of each. We all know how much "pork" goes into ANY bill before it can become law, no matter WHAT Constitution Rockhad to say about that. And this week's overwhelming repeal of something called a "secret hold" does nothing to reduce the idea that some chicanery goes on all the time behind hallowed governmental halls. To say nothing of what is widely reputed to go into the makeup of your favorite hot dog or wurst. Even if the label indicates that a product is "all beef," that doesn't mean that it's made up of things other than lips, eyelids and, well, you get the idea. And now Taco Bell is being sued for purportedly BSing its clients as to the actual substance of its taco "beef."
According to the suit, the meat used in said chain's tacos is barely 15% actual beef--the remainder being made up of things we'd prefer not to know about.The little Chihuahua has responded that its meat, while never having claimed to be ALL beef, is actually 88% cow...which parts, it doesn't say. The Border gang even went so far as to divulge its "secret" spice concoction just to prove how healthy and "natural" it is.
I'm not a scientist who can dissect the stuff and tell what is or what is not "real," but I've eaten enough hot dogs in spite of what I suspect might be in them, to say that it's not about the's about the condiments. Put enough of a variety of those things on, and anything is palatable. Folks do the same thing with sugar and its substitutes: heap that on, and down the hatch.
We're generally not picky about things like that.
Besides, Taco Bell has a lot of choices without meat.
And they could always use pork instead...plenty of that going around!


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