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Friday, January 28, 2011

At the Half: Environment 1--Corporate Greed 0

If "open for business" in Wisconsin means "screw the environment," there is at least one corporation that (thus far) has resisted the ravenous fingers of corporate greed in favor of the environment...truly a remarkable thing lately. And I tip my hat to Bass Pro Shops for the nonce, at least.
It seems as if, in an attempt to extend its money-making arm further in order to afford the cost of doing business in Green Bay, a certain professional sports operation petitioned to develop a parcel of land that was considered a wetland and, therefore, unavailable. As luck (?) would have it, Wisconsin's newly-elected governor has decided that the wetlands are not important where business is concerned and proposed a legal way to get around the restrictions concerning filling in said land. The measure is expected to come up for a vote by mid-week next week (the height of Super Bowl madness). This would clear the way for development of a Bass Pro Shops outlet and eliminate the natural wetlands. "Not so fast," said the company this morning.
A spokesman for the company (claiming ignorance of the wetlands issue) indicated that it would never build anything if it meant replacing a wetland environment, and the deal was off. A hunting/fishing enterprise concerned about the environment? Seems more than logical to me...but a corporation eschewing profit for the public good? That's a man-bites-dog story.
Of course, by this afternoon, the politicos seemed confident in their ability to persuade Bass Pro Shop to reconsider as long as a new "law" got passed by next week declaring the are NOT to be a wetland.
Rushing headlong into environmental overtime, I suspect.
For my part, I called the corporate office in Springfield, Missouri, and complimented them on their decision to protect the environment. 1-417-873-5000
But, as Ray Ciha was known to say, "I'm only one guy."


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