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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

It's A Sad, Sad World Apparently

Orange is bad, blue is less bad, and yellow isn't too troublesome. As you can see, living anywhere near Russia or Northern Africa is not good. China and, for some reason, Australia seem to be on the verge. It would be easy to understand this in Mexico, but Australia? HMMM.Why? Your chances of being afflicted with clinical depression are quite high in those areas.
Clinical depression: overwhelming feelings of sadness and hopelessness that appear nearly every day, all day for two weeks has become the number two disability of the world's population. Number two, second only to lower respiratory infections. These are the conditions that practically paralyze almost 5% of the world's population.
A recent study found that most affected were working-age adults, and women were more affected than men: 5.5% to 3.2%
Remember, tese conditions cause a disability, not death. In a way, that must be even more painful.
Someone told me today that "the signs are there" with regard to crumbling civilization.
Reference the Who's "My Generation": I hope I die before I get old.


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