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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Valuable Poll Information

Public opinion polls are taken to measure just about everything in American life from what television programs we favor to our degree of respect for various public figures. Naturally, politicians and advertising executives pay close attention to these polls since the pulse of America directs just about every move they make.
Of course, the public's opinion of legislators has taken a real beating, and no one or party is safe. Every faction, every individual is looked upon with incredible disdain these days after Congress and the House of Representatives spent 16 days accomplishing nothing and making the average citizen suffer for their lack of, well, balls, for lack of a better term. In the end, they merely put the financial crisis off for three more months at which time, we'll do it all over again. "Kicking it down the road" is their all-too glib expression for the process. Some say the other side is merely creating problems for our children and grandchildren to solve. I say we're creating problems that WE have to deal with in the guise of elected officials.
Enough ranting on my part. Time now for the latest poll results. A group called Public Polling Policy took (what else?) a poll last week to measure how Americans felt about Congress. In a not-so-scientific questionnaire, people were asked to compare their feelings toward Congress to their feelings toward a variety of other subjects. here are the results:

People gave higher ratings to Congress than they did to Vladimir Putin, Anthony Weiner, Lindsay Lohan, Honey Boo Boo, Charles Manson, Ebola, heroin, Syria, Miley Cyrus, and twerking.

However, Congress had less approval than other items listed. The Congressional favorability percentage is the LOWER in all of the following cases:
dog poop--47% to 40%
hemorrhoids--53% to 31%
jury duty--73% to 18%
toenail fungus--44% to 41%
cockroaches--44% to 42%
IRS--42% to 33%
Mothers-in-law--64% to 20%
potholes--47% to 36 %
zombies--43% to 37 %

Now THAT'S a comment on public opinion!


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