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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Overreaction or Justified Complaint?

In every activity that is contested, where scores are kept, and winners separate themselves from losers, there are bound to be embarrassing losses. The questions are always asked about sportsmanship and inherent values in such contests. There are no simple answers in many cases, and this is one of them.
Over the weekend, Aledo, Texas, high school (ranked #1 in the state...and remember, this is TEXAS where football is king, queen, prince, princess and court jester!) defeated Fort Worth Western Hills High 91-0. Ouch. That's a picture of lopsidedness. So much so that one parent is charging the winning coach with bullying the Fort Worth kids. This, too, is a serious offense in that the school district must report such things on its website for all to see.
Coach Tim Buchanan felt bad about the whole thing: his starters played only 21 snaps, threw only 10 passes, and had the game clock running through the entire 2nd half. Was he supposed to have his subs NOT play hard to spare the feelings of the other kids (and their parents)? Losing coach John Naylor wasn't upset, insisting that the Aledo team was #1 for a reason. His team? It was 0-6 and giving up an average of 35 points per game. Classic scheduling mismatch, to be sure, but does the result qualify as an act of bullying the other kids? Or is this a case of a parent taking a loss harder than his or her own son and feeling that he or she needed to salvage some pride? Tough questions.
Yes, there is value in winning and in losing. Learning that you can't always come out on top is a critical lesson to is that a parent can't shield his or her child from every harsh blow that comes along.


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