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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Aging, for Better or Worse

I was about to load some groceries into the trunk of my Miata the other day, and a woman who was in her 70's (or so) stopped me with a surprised look on her face. "This is YOUR car" she asked? She had seen a somewhat younger more stylish man walk toward it and thought he owned it. "I said to myself, 'He must really like driving that car.'" She was truly perplexed that I would be getting into such a vehicle. It made me think about aging.
By their mid-60's, my parents were definitely into the last rounds of their lives. Neither of them had as many as 15 years left at that point, and I don't think they particularly enjoyed the last few. I know my mother did not. My uncle who is mid to late 70's is on his last legs even as I type this...but he even LOOKS old! How can I avoid that?
Lots of life and death is involved with heredity. I know many family members who checked out of the "hotel California" far sooner than they might have wished; however, there are others still going somewhat strongly. I hope to be one of them.
Can exercise, a relatively good diet, meaningful work/leisure time, and a generally positive approach keep me spry and sprightly well into the 80's? I hope so. That one aspirin a day I take to ameliorate the possible effects of atrial fibrillation is the only medication I take...perhaps fish oil...or Vitamin D...or...
The fact is: the closer I get to The End, the more I like my life, and the more I'm afraid to lose it. There is too much to do...too much wisdom to pass on to younger family much of life to live.
I hate the future: too uncertain. The past is, in many ways, too painful. That leaves me with today: stop typing and go watch some baseball!


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