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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Right Stuf?

Making education interactive has long been seen as a way to engage students...many of whom are "hands-on" learners for whom mathematics holds few thrills. Unknowns such as "x" befuddle many, and it's up to teachers to get the students inquisitive juices flowing.
so we come to the math teacher in New York who wanted to teach his students a little bit about weights and measurements as well as a bit about the logical process that math utilizes. Thus, he posed the question of whether or not Oreo cookies actually contained double the "stuf" or "mega" the stuf claimed by the company when compared with the regular cookie.
We've all twisted the cooking to get half with no creme filling while the second half has all of it. But have you ever questioned the amount of creme filling, or if it is cost-effective to buy the Double Stuf or Mega Stuf versions? Get ready for some facts.
Students weighed ten of each variety of Oreo cookie. Then, they separated the cookie parts and scraped away all of the creme filling and weighed all ten samples for the math part:
When subtracting the weight of each cookie type without filling from the original weight (with filling), students discovered something startling.
When compared to an Original Oreo cookie, the Double Stuf version contained only 1.86 times as much creme filling! The Mega Stuf version contained only 2.68 times as much creme filling as the original cookie. "Eureka!" Archimedes would have shouted...the Nabisco company? not so much.
Company spokesman continued to claim that there was exactly twice as much creme filling when the cookies were manufactured...contrary to scientific study.
First, it was Subway's footlong sandwiches being only 11 inches, and now we're getting gypped out of promised "stuf."
What is the world coming to?


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