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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Natural and Unnatural Partners

Some things, particularly foods, just seem perfectly paired. Ice cream and cake...or pie; burgers and fries; cheese and wine (or crackers); bacon and eggs...heck, bacon and anything. You get the idea. We often pair foods based on opposite tastes like sweet and salty or bubbly and salty in the case of beer and pretzels. Of course, we all have our own foibles when it comes to mixing foods, and the market has gotten wind of it. I mean, cronuts, for goodness sakes? Ramen burgers? sheesh! (although Dunkin' donuts' idea of a bacon/donut sandwich has merit).
Thus, it should come as no surprise that PepsiCo who has its hand in just about every facet of processed food (fast and otherwise) has decided to combine Pepsi and Cheetos. Mind you, the company isn't the first to have this idea; there's even a Facebook group called "I Love Cheetos and Pepsi." I guess one simply pops the Cheeto in, takes a swig of Pepsi and savors the flavor. That's acceptable, as far as it goes, but PepsiCo has taken the cheesy flavor of Cheetos and replaced it with a fizzy, lemony flavor not unlike Pepsi...really. Fortunately, in my opinion, while the product has hit the shelves in Japan, Jeff Dahncke, spokesman for PepsiCo, has indicated that there are no plans to bring it to this country.
I think it's a mistake: people will buy food products that actually fizz in their mouths (and this product does just that).
Remember Pop Rocks?
This could be next!
Who's up for a road trip to Tokyo?


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