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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fruit and Nuts, Huh?

"Keeps your suits on." This was the advice from Swedish scientists following the discovery that a south American pacu was caught in the waters between Denmark and Sweden. Swedes are particularly open about nudity and often take to the water sans suits...hence, the warning.
The pacu, looking all too similar to the piranha with which it shares Amazon river basin territory, is basically a vegetarian, preferring fruit and nuts to small fish and small invertebrates. Its human-like teeth are strong enough to chomp through fishing line and, well, fingers as well.  Unverified rumors have the fish also attacking the, um, genitalia of fishermen in New Guinea...unverified, of course, since no man wants to publicly discuss an episode of a get the idea.
This is only the second time this variety of fish has been caught in Europe, but researchers are warning would-be skinny dippers that until they are sure this is just an isolated incident, it's better to be safe than...having to explain such an embarrassing incident to CNN.


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