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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mick Jagger Was Wrong

Despite the assertion by Mick Jagger, time is definitely NOT on my side. That became somewhat apparent to me recently when the nurse said, "The doctor will be with you in a moment." Both she and I knew that the time between her having said that and the actual appearance of a physician would be MUCH longer than that...yet she expected me to be mollified with the thought that it might actually BE a brief period of time.
The airlines do the same thing, indicating that any delay will be a "short" one or  a "brief" one. I know as soon as that announcement is made that I'll be changing gates at the very least or concourses if the weather is bad and I have to walk outside to get to the plane.
In fact, a minute (as in "Just a minute") might just be the most interminable stretch of time there is; yet, we all throw it about with impunity, hoping to forestall an impatient toddler, student, customer, or significant other. We all know that the attention we seek won't be coming forthwith, but, most of the time, we wait until such a length of time has passed that we repeat our request.
The result of that request is usually an icy glare, and/or some impatient phrase such as, "I SAID I'd be with you in a minute," the respondent being totally oblivious to the fact that not one but several minutes have already passed, and we have not been satisfied with the appropriate information (add the sad realization that service was going to be delayed as long as humanly possible as a result of our insolence).
What to do?
Today, I smiled and said, "Thank you," while the nurse disappeared, thinking she had me fooled. I did manage to get somewhat even with her, though, for her lack of candor. Since my new doctor is female, the nurse had to be in the room for the "sensitive areas" exam.
That probably ruined her day.
But then, she was being paid for her time.


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