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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Going To (or after) The Dogs

Rather than inadvertantly putting myself on the wrong side of a fatwa by offering an unknown-to-me insult to the specifics of Islam, I offer this video with a brief explanation:

In Malaysia, the religious right is just that: right; and no one is above scrutiny for anything that might be considered to besmirch the name or image of Islam. I get that. There are purists in every religion, political party and family, and not all of them are afflicted with OCD.
However, the woman in question faces two to five years in prison for the act of washing her dogs' legs as a sort of purification rite during some holy season of Islam. Fundamentalists claim that such an act is a "grievous insult toward all Muslims in Malaysia" and demand punishment for a woman who is, apparently, known to be an otherwise faithful follower.
Lest you think that dogs are somehow unclean for Muslims (much like cloven-hoofed animals are to Hebrews), there is no injunction against dogs in the Koran at all...according to the cited report.
My only question relates to Muslim populations NOT found in Malaysia: should they be insulted or not?
Maybe it's a regional interpretation.


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