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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Who Decided Instant Messaging Was A Good Thing?

This is not a personal, professional, or necessarily sports-related issue, but what was Dee Liner thinking when he took this series of photos and posted them on Instagram? My guess? He wasn't thinking at all. He and his friends posing with wads of cash might be a message of some sort, but I cannot think of it as a good one. Here's the backstory:
Liner is a high school senior, I believe, although he could be a JuCo player as well. he had committed to play football at Auburn University in the fall of 2013. Like so many other young people nowadays, he decided his decision was a rash one, and he decommitted to the Tigers...just before signing a letter of commitment to the University of Alabama. In short order, these photos were posted, and one can imagine the brouhaha that's about to break out. The NCAA is, no doubt, going to take a dim view of the incident...though maybe it's all innocent. Perhaps young men DO have this kind of walking around money to share with their friends. Perhaps it's the same wad of cash in each picture...still...a lot of money.
Any would-be criminal out there who knows Liner's whereabouts suddenly had an inspiration, I would imagine, and those who decry professionalism in college sports also were presented with more ammunition.
However, like so many people young and old, athletes and non-athletes (politicians, too), there seems to be no filter that says, "Hey! That's a dumb thing to do. Think about the possible effect before posting that."
Dee Liner may, in fact, be a wonderful kid who just needs a pair of friends to carry his money around, but college sports in general and the U. of Alabama in particular are not exactly basking in a hallowed glow after this one.


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