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Monday, August 12, 2013

Something's Rotten, and It's NOT in Denmark

I commented a while back that we were fortunate in this country not to have the immigration issues to the violent degree that Italy seems to have. I might have been wrong. Adam Jone, an outfielder for the Baltimore Orioles was playing in San Francisco over the weekend, and a fan tossed a banana out of the stands in his direction. This was not an "I hope you slip on the peel" prank; it was a "Hey, monkey, here's some food" racist taunt. I was aghast to hear about it, and, while the tosser (use it in the British sense if you wish) apologized on Monday, I'm not buying it. I'll bet he and his friends all thought it was funny, and I would suspect many people chortled at the news. Isolated incident of outlandish bigotry? Not hardly.
The Jackie Robinson/Peewee Reese statue was defamed with swastikas and the "N" word over the weekend. This after more than half a century of integration into professional sports.
At the Missouri State Fair Rodeo recently, a rodeo clown donned a mask of the President of the United States, and the announcer ( a local school superintendent, by the way), incited the crowd with comments such as, " We're gonna stomp Obama now!"...and the crowd LOVED it...went WILD...and he continued to urge the clown to stand still as the bull charged so the "president" would get mangled.
Maybe it's just rodeo folks...last year at a rodeo in California, the announcer told a joke that went something like this:
"Playboy offered Ann Romney $250,000 to pose for the magazine, and the President was upset because National Geographic only offered Michelle $50."
I simply find this all too hard to believe.
Read the following excerpt that describes the Missouri affair. incredible.,0,813913.story


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