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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Just When You Thought It Was Safe...

Every now and then, I get the feeling that somebody, somewhere is listening and actually thinking about what he or she hears. The constant railing against elected officials certainly seems to have merit, given the way our elected leaders divide every issue with partisanship (and PAC money). However, some legislators think it might be a good idea if those receiving federal food assistance were not allowed to buy junk food just as they are not allowed to buy alcohol and cigarettes.
The idea, of course, is that junk food is a leading cause of obesity...which, in turn, ratchets up the cost of health care, employment issues resulting from sick days, medical costs spiraling, etc. etc. On one hand, there are folks who say it is their constitutional right to eat whatever the hell they want. Perhaps. On the other hand are those who opine that buying healthy food will further reduce the cost of obesity for ALL of us: those paying the bills. Point taken. Where do you suspect the soft drink industry's sentiments lie?
Correct: on the "they should be able to buy whatever they want" platform...and I can see the point for individual rights...but what's at stake is the individual right of the beverage companies to make obscene profits for shareholders at the cost of the nation's health.
"It's not like the tobacco or alcohol industry that figures out ways to get people addicted," I hear you protest. Except that it is. More than 15 years ago when I protested out school district's policy to install soda machines from one company in exchange for kickbacks, the research was clear: the product was addicting. I think we all know it now...and continue to get the Big Gulp whenever we can, despite New York City's mayor's attempt to limit consumption.
Just how out of touch are these people, and how do they see the American people? The latest ad (since removed) by Pepsi touting its Mountain Dew product is a perfect example.
In the commercial, an obviously battered white woman is being asked to pick her attacker out of a lineup consisting of several African-American men and a goat. At one point, using some clever wordplay for the slogan "Dew it,"the goat threatens the woman further harm if she accuses him. She runs away screaming.
really. That is wrong on so many fronts, but the folks at PepsiCo really thought it would be a hit with the American public! Now THAT should make you stop and think.
Here's a link to the ad


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