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Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Wal-Mart Just Shipped Itself"

While the internet is abuzz as always with cute kitten tricks and people doing ridiculous things just to get on television (like hurting themselves trying some crazy stunt or getting pregnant), every now and then, something gets posted that is SO hilarious that I laugh out loud...over and over. Such a thing is the online commercial for K-Mart that just hit the internet lately. If you haven't seen it, the link at the bottom will take you there. It's not featrured on television yet-even on cable-but it probably will be when the internet buzz gets so huge that folks demand it.
A bit juvenile? yes. Scatological? yes. On the other hand, I guarantee you that retailers everywhere are taking notice along with more than 160,000 people who have viewed this so far. Are some put off? probably: after all, only 98.6 viewers gave it a favorable "thumbs up." However, if the ad agency that concocted this for K-Mart did so with the idea of gaining worldwide attention, it hit the jackpot.
The focus, of course, is that now K-Mart shoppers can have any item they want but could not find in the store shipped to them for free. Now this means that shoppers have two options for buying: in-store and online, something that many retailers feature though K-Mart had not. In addition, this "omnichannel" shopping experience comes complete with the guarantee of price-matching in the store...something that K-Mart also did not offer previously.
All in all, this could be the commercial of the year: not only for its hilarious appeal, but also for its helping to bring K-Mart back into the everyday shopping experience.
Well done!


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