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Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's All Greek To Me

We visited Greece last year: Athens and the small island of Crete. We found it wonderful: fresh vegetables that actually tasted like vegetables, friendly people, water the most amazing shade of blue, and a relaxed lifestyle that would be enjoyable to live. Now, anyone with a little cash can do just that. All over the Greek Islands stand half-finished houses: begun with the promise of financing, only to be lost through the monetary crisis that swept through the country. The skeletons stand, isolated on hillsides overlooking the sea or an idyllic countryside, awaiting the finishing touch. Most of them are simple concrete or wood shells, not even halfway completed; all, however, call out to the wanderlust of someone with money who really wants to escape just about everything.
Obviously, the Greek economy is still in the toilet...unemployment is over 20%, and the natives have little hope of anything changing under the austerity that is today's government...and yet, they cannot find buyers for the half-completed dreams they've begun on an isolated islands of Homeric epics.
Imagine: the simple life with few electronic disruptions (possibly no Wi-Fi), no crowded cityscapes unless one wished to sail to Athens. Peace and quiet.
I could use some.
I could also use the cash to make that change a reality.


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