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Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's (F-bombs and all) All Greek To Me

If you haven't heard about or read the f-bomb-laden e-mail from a "former" officer of Delta Gamma sorority at the University of Maryland, you probably don't meander around the internet much. Face it, If I know about it and you don't, extend your thumb at 90 degrees from your index finger and hold them up to your forehead. seriously...I'm the last to find out anything. However, I know about this...days after it happened.
It seems that said sorority person was upset with her sisters during Greek Week because they were more interested in chatting each other up than they were in getting busy with the frat guys hanging around. We know, of course, about the woman who claimed that, particularly for Ivy girls, the college life might be their last chance to get a guy "worthy" of them. So, you can see how this girl-talk thing must have frustrated the Delta darling: it was robbing HER of her chance to score an eligible, soon-to-be-governor hubby.
She labels her sisters "f'ing boring and f'ing awkward" and claims that NO frat guy is going to want to fulfill their dreams at this rate. The rant goes on and on, utilizing the "v" word in slang terms and generally causing quite the a viral sort of internet way. I guess that's where the term "former" should be applied.
Anyway, the situation reminded me of my distaste during the college years for Greek life and those who aspired to it. One of my favorite comedienne's was Judy Tenuta (pictured above) who noted, " I was asked to join a sorority...but I already HAD a personality!" This was especially funny to me given the derision I felt for the "better-than-regular-guys" attitude. It became even funnier to me when my mother relayed how excited she was that one of my nieces had joined a sorority. Mom didn't get the irony or the joke when I lay the Tenuta line on her.
So, thanks to the former Delta Doll for reminding me how funny Judy Tenuta is. She has a Titter feed and a Facebook account, and the 'net is full of her famous quotes. She is a Grammy-nominated, self-styled "Love Goddess" who still makes me laugh out loud. I even thought once about joining her religion: "Judyism" she called it, but I thought it might be too much like a cult.
Still funny, though.


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