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Monday, April 29, 2013

Stressed at Your Job? Sew What? recently rated employment possibilities on a variety of topics, and the one that interested me the most was the category that ranked jobs based strictly on the amount of stress involved. We all know that stress is a major factor in early demise as well as making the life we live less than desirable sometimes...thus, eliminating stress is important in achieving job satisfaction.
A career as a university professor got a lot of the publicity with regard to  stress level. Due to high growth potential (63.3% of Americans aged 18-30 are on track for a college degree), low health risk and much higher than average rate of pay, this career path was touted as one to follow...easier said than accomplished, of course, but still. While a professor at Harvard makes almost $200,000, the median salary for college professors nationwide is a mere $62,050 (still better than associate lecturers at $3k per 3-credit class!) Knowing that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that a college grad is twice as likely to get a job as someone without the sheepskin, young people are flocking to post-secondary educational centers. Not surprising.
What IS surprising, though, is that the professor gig isn't the occupation with the LEAST amount of stress! That honor, according to goes to those in the seamstress/tailor business. They are benefitted by a low safety risk, less physical demands, and a peaceful work environment (needles and thread seldom argue, it appears). Unfortunately, folks in this career can expect a median salary of $25,850...hardly a stressless number, especially if one has a family.
The rest of the top five are medical-related: no surprise since the health care field has the largest growth sector projections for the near future. Included in our list are the fields of medical records technician, medical lab technician, dietician, and audiologist. While each of these promises low stress, wearing Flintstone scrubs every day might not be in my best interest...audiologist would be O.K. but I already have a persistent buzzing in my ears, so that's out.
I guess I'm just doomed to a career surrounded by stress.
I'm going to go lie down now.
Calgon, take me away.


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