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Monday, April 15, 2013

The U.K. Not in Wisconsin's Travel Plans

As everyone sees the snow more or less retreating to it's summer hibernation (or until October), people's wanderlust is rekindled, and we all think of someplace to go just to get some Vitamin D in the form of sunshine. Foreign travel is always exciting, and the sunny climes of South France beckon as do places like the Greek Islands and other Mediterranean hotspots. England doesn't usually enter the picture...generally because we think of the weather as anything BUT sunny; due to the "conveyor effect" of the world's oceans, the U.K. is generally cooler and wetter than most places. But that's not the real reason Wisconsinites should avoid Her Majesty's country. It seems that Britishers have taken to killing badgers en masse!
Originally, culling members of the badger clan was implemented to hopefully halt what had become an epidemic of tuberculosis among the bovine population. Exactly how the disease got from one member of the animal kingdom to the other is not clear. Be that as it may, two proposed sessions to cull the badger population had been governmentally approved. However, people have taken to vigilantism, hunting the furry critter in groups with dogs, slaughtering them willy-nilly: something that has to stop, according to government officials. According to the director of England's Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs notes, "Any killing of badgers without a license is illegal and unacceptable." The uproar was echoed by Labour MP Diane Abbott when she said, "this killing is being done by people who think this is a macho thing to do." If this was to be a hand-to-badger combat, I could go with it...gangs and dogs vs animal: not so much.
One thing is certain:
I'm not going anywhere near the U.K. this year!


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