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Friday, October 05, 2012

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

I just heard the news that Apple has released the iPhone 5, a huge upgrade over the iPhone 4,3,2, and 1, I suppose. Already, there are problems that R&D didn't discover, like the map feature was whack or purple wasn't a great color for photos. Seriously, who tests these things before releasing them. Clearly, stupid people are behind this SNAFU.
While I applaud the company's dedication to upgrading the most necessary technological item of my lifetime, cars having already been invented (though just barely), I still just shake my head in wonder. Seriously, all of this technology advanced just so a college football player can tweet the following tweet that appeared just today:
"We ain't come to play school. Classes are pointless."
Of course, this is at a major educational institution where the football coach makes a gazillion dollars more than the highest paid professor, and said coach by the way, would have us believe that he "didn't know" that game tapes he was required to send opponents were doctored by eliminating footage of important motion and formation items. Riiiiiggghht!
Stupid on two counts--three if you actually believed him when he said it.
But, back to the phone thingie. I have a stupidphone, and I might be the only one in the universe who does with the exception of some long-lost aboriginal tribe in sub-Saharan Africa. My phone will do amazing things like call people without being attached to the wall and receive calls any time, any place under any condition. I can also send text messages if I want to contact someone to whom I'd rather not actually speak. It probably also takes pictures, but I have a new-fangled thing that does it better. I call it a camera, and it's not much bigger or heavier than my phone.
Of course, my phone has a calendar and a calculator, but it doesn't have a corkscrew or a sharpened blade that might come in handy. Truth is, I'm perfectly happy with my stupidphone.
I am not bothered day and night with stupid tweets from people who have no business being left alone.
I don't have access every second to the latest depressing news from around the world or down the block.
I don't have the temptation to run into things while watching a video or falling off my bike while accessing my phone as Bobby Valentine did the other day just before he got fired. Besides, I run into plenty of things when I'm paying attention to what I'm doing.
In fact, I only have the darn thing because the students whom I tutor will no longer reply (or even look at) an email. They will respond to a text in a timely manner so I suppose it is handy, but even then, I get calls from them at hours when I'd rather be watching The Simpsons, so all is not roses...even for us stupid people. We just don't know what we don't some "student" athletes.


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