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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Crying Over Spilled Newsprint.

I will the the second to admit (Ryun being the first) that I'm not the most up-to-date individual when it comes to pop culture. I was probably the last to hear  Forget You or Call Me Maybe in the last year or so, and it took me that long to get them on my iPod (what? Apple makes phones, too! Wow!), so you KNOW I'm somewhere down the list of hipsters (does anyone even USE that word anymore?). But, after all, I'm just a small town Midwestern guy. I can be excused for being something of a rube...not so Steven A. Smith or the government of Iran. They should be more than a little aware of what goes on in the world. Apparently, they're not.
Smith, a somewhat bombastic sports talking head, got all riled up earlier this week when noted journalistic juggernaut The Onion published a story that he was having the sex talk with his young son...about 9 years old. Smith went on a Twitter tirade about how ridiculous rumor and innuendo was and how he should not have to deal with outright lies like this...uh, what? Steven A.?  The Onion just makes stuff up? Oops. Nobody was giving him any slack for his later comments when literally dozens of people tweeted him about the "real" story: that he had been had! Numerous tweets followed from the verbose one, but we were all just laughing at how gullible he was.
Then, there's the entire government of Iran...seriously, you guys need to get out more. The aforementioned satirically-oriented "news" source reported that "among rural white Americans," Iran leader Ahmadinejad was more popular than President Obama, and those same folks would rather vote for the leader of Iran (birth certificate required, I suppose). Really. They bought the whole story. And broadcast it throughout the country. OK, fine...give them a break because they are thousands of miles away, and The Onion is probably not printed in Arabic. BUT...
The same "news" source published a story and picture JUST DAYS BEFORE depicting Ahmadinejad glowing green and declaring himself a nuclear weapon as he addressed the United Nations! C'Mon, people!  At least show some consistency...issue a fatwa against the newspaper or something.
But, seriously, quit crying about this stuff. There are more important things to worry about.
Like the upcoming bacon shortage.


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