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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Marching to Huge Profits

I think it's absolutely hilarious that there is a furor over the latest internet ad from Dr. Pepper. In what is obviously intended to be a play on the slogan "the evolution of flavor," this ad has appeared on the internet (and maybe on TV...I watch so little that it would be easy to miss). Of course, it mimicked the famous visualization about the march of progress, but that was the somewhat offbeat point, I think.The response from creationists who apparently have NO sense of humor has been amazing (are they allowed to access the internet?). Some are demanding an apology to thousands, and some are indicating that such a product would never again be seen in their homes.
Probably to make things worse (or just to be snarky), others are weighing in that they would continue to drink the prescribed drink "even if they pissed in the formula." Me? I'm still shaking my head.
Obviously, Dr. Pepper got a HUGE uptick as the ad and the subsequent pro/con notes poured in. It's popularity is bound to soar among evolutionists, especially now that the good doctor has added some kind of soft drink designed "just for men."
Just for men, huh? Now we'll have ANOTHER group demanding an apology.
But then, I don't complain that women drink white wine.
And to think that in the Middle East, the protests are over a movie...or maybe because they don't have Dr. Pepper.
People are strange. Us, THEM, everyone! (except you and me, of course).


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