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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Taco 'Bout Some Good Eatin'

National taco day

Today is National Taco Day. I find that amusing: a food that isn't strictly speaking American gets a "day" in this country. I would guess there probably is not such a day in Mexico for the same reason there is no Kids' Day in North America ("Every day is Kids' Day," according to my mother).
At any rate, I chose to celebrate because I like tacos, especially the new ones made with Doritos shells. Of course, as one might figure, the ahrd shell taco is a North American concoction. In Mexico, corn or flour tortillas are used to handle the stuff inside. A taco bowl? Not south of the border, amigo(a).
Jeffrey Pilcher has even written a book about this world-favorite food: Planet Taco: A Global History of Mexican Food. Heck, the name, while originally Mexican in origin, doesn't even come from a food source, according to Pilcher. Eighteenth-century silver miners in Mexico used to wrap small dynamite charges with paper before setting them off. The reason why is unknown, but the similarities in the wrapping gave rise to the name for the food that is sold in various forms by street vendors the world over. Sadly, now there are even gourmet varieties appearing for the sophisticated palate tired of filet mignon and shark fin soup.
Me? anything at Taco Bell under $1.20 is just fine, but I would hope for something in a corn tortilla instead of the flour ones. For that, though, I have to go to any of the authentic Mexican restaurants.


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