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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Shakespeare's Still Dead...or Is He?

Bard of Avon Calling

Yes, it's been 400 years, and we've had to suffer through West Side Story, O, and numerous other insipid renditions of Shakespeare's works...adulterated to the point in which antagonists wield, not swords, but pistols...held sideways a la gansta wannabes. I have not taken the time to give any sort of credence to these imposters and their mental wanderings, but that doesn't mean Shakespeare has lost his bite. Just ask the government in Thailand.
It seems that a recent movie renditions of an adapted Macbeth story has been banned in that country. Director Ing Kanjanavanit got permission and funding from the government six years ago and produced a movie with a familiar plot: general kills king to get the throne and continues killing to keep it only to end up...well, I don't want to spoil the plot. In addition , like the original, this movie makes great use of the color red, a color much on display in protests against the new government. No shouts of "Out, damned spot" as far as I know, but scenes of Thai protesters WERE part of the footage for this movie adaptation (as well as shots of the 91 people killed, I suspect).
Anyway, the government was deposed in a coup, and the new government is a bit, touchy, let's say, about how it might be represented.
"Thailand is living in a climate of fear," according to the movie's director. The ban seems to bear out that theory.
I hope that 400 years after my death, I can make ANY kind of impact. Getting banned by a foreign country would be a bonus (though not a family first since one of our children is officially on the black list in Myanmar)
I wonder if Thai bamboo forests actually move.


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