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Monday, March 26, 2012

March Annoyedness

I cannot use the term "March Madness" without infringing on the copyrighted catch phrase...just who has the rights is unknown to me. It seems logical that the NCAA would own that catch phrase since they own thousands of collegiate athletes and athletic programs throughout the country, shamelessly profiting millions while doling out thousands. Besides, I'm not really "mad," just annoyed.
I have been (justifiably, I think) proud of my accomplishment this year: with the exception of a handful of days, I was able to ride my bike to work every single day. Recognizing the fact that there was a month from mid-December to mid-January in which school was not in session, it was an amazing ride this year (so to speak). Though the hardest part seems to have been survived, I had to look outside today and say to myself, "What the hell is this?" Though not freezing, the climatalogical atmosphere left a lot to be desired.
I had to go back in for a long-sleeved sweatshirt and a windbreaker. I had to search for a stocking hat small enough to cover my ears but not too bulky so I could not wear my helmet. Then, I had to dig out my winter helmet that was especially unpadded to accommodate the hat. To put on those 180 degrees ear muff things was a decision as well. Gloves, of course, had to be retrieved from the basket in the hallway: and all of this decision-making was occurring at 5:45 in the morning...and I am NOT a morning person to begin with.
The ride home was no better in the afternoon, and the return trip for study table tonight offered more of the same Chill. Really. Annoying.
the irony, of course, is that the temp today was STILL above the daytime normal for this time of year. That's what a week of 40 degrees above normal will do to me. I now have more sympathy with the folks in warm-weather climes when we go to visit and observe them wearing goose-down jackets in 45-degree weather.
Now, I have to go to storage a dig out MY winter riding coat.
Fickle temperature, foolish rider...but I WILL be back on the bike tomorrow. With all the money I'm saving on gas, I can retire again in a few years.


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