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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's In A Name? a Lot, Apparently

If said to you, "I think I would like to spend the afternoon noynoying," what would you think I meant? It turns out that it could mean any number of things, depending on who's doing the listening or speaking.
In a somewhat useless takeoff on the long-gone (albeit fun) activity of "planking," it would seem that "noynoying" involves simply lounging about while affecting a bored look. I had not heard of the term nor its other potential meanings until today.
Apparently, the fad has caught on big-time in the Philippines; political activists are making headlines everywhere as they "noynoy" in public to protest what they feel is inactivity by their president Benigno Aquino III. These folks think he has been doing little if anything to solve the most pressing problems in the country so they are "voicing" their displeasure at rallies in which they all lounge about looking bored. Not everyone, however, sees the term in that light.
One cabinet minister said he thought that "noynoying" meant "always tells the truth" while yet another politco described it as "careful with others' money." So, you can see why it might be confusing! Still, it has to be rankling when you political opponents stir up a controversy by simply sitting around! I think that's something that we might try in this country!
Think about's perfect. There would be no more talking heads to harangues us endlessly about the evils of the other person or party: they'd simply be sitting around in lounge chairs!
On the other hand, how could anyone tell that I was spending my summer NOT protesting anything...merely relaxing?


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