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Friday, March 23, 2012

Seriously, Pat, What WOULD Jesus do?

Pat Robertson, televangelist and a leader in the Christian Right movement, said the Denver Broncos treated Tim Tebow "shabbily," adding an injury to the team's new quarterback Peyton Manning "would serve them right."

It always makes me a little crazy when people offer "expert" opinion on subjects on which they have very little expertise. The "Birthers" come immediately to mind, but there are other examples. Geraldo Rivera saying that Latino and African-American parents should not let their kids wear hooded sweatshirts because that's just asking to get shot...or the legal geniuses who imply that a woman shouldn't wear provocative clothing if she didn't want to get raped. Even on Facebook the other day, I noted that someone blamed Al Gore for the weather being too hot in Green Bay. Really. Get serious, folks. Stick to what you know...not what the spin doctors want you to say or something you heard on the "news" in talk radio in order to grab the headlines. Al Sharpton has seemingly come out of nowhere in many instances as well. And, of course, there was the "nappy-headed ho's" discussion of a woman's college basketball team and Rush's now-infamous discussion of what constitutes a slut. The latest from Pat Robertson may just be the icing on the cake for years to come.
Hiding behind the guise of religion, his quote about Peyton Manning is decidedly UN-Jesus-like, if I have any conception (immaculate or otherwise) of what Jesus stood for and what the whole religion thing is about.
Wishing bad things to other people because they dared to trade your spokesperson for Christianity? In a dog-eat-dog world like professional sports? Not. Even. Partly. christian. (again, that assessment is totally dependent on what I perceive Christianity, and Islam, for that matter, are about)
Admittedly, Robertson doesn't go so far as to put a bounty on Manning or scroll a target on his image (as politicians sometimes do), but to make this pronouncement on television (even if it IS cable) to literally dozens of believers smacks me as just a bit un-Jesus-like.
Not that I am exempt from judgment, but holier-than-thou people should be AT LEAST holier than I am.


At 1:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This may be an un-Christian like judgment on my part, but Pat Robertson doesn't care about Christianity nearly as much as he cares about being "important". If he stopped saying asinine things, people would stop paying attention to him and he can't have that...why it wouldn't be Christian.


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