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Friday, March 09, 2012

Never Thought I'd See...

I've always found it ironically funny (and I'm probably the only one who does) that sports need people to lead the fans in cheers. This is true since most fans already scream invectives, boo the officials, though generally know when something good has happened. The organized cheering featured every year that North America gets to watch the World Cup futbol matches or gets a glimpse into Japanese baseball always makes me think that the fans are bored and feel like they need to do something other than the wave. After all, aren't athletes trained to block out noise and distraction and replace it with an iron-willed focus? Well, that's just me, perhaps. But there is one more thing that puzzles me about cheer people in this country.
The female cheer people always wear skimpy clothing...ostensibly to free them for the gymnastic movements they carry out as they jump, fly and cartwheel themselves around as inspiration for...somebody or other. Every time one of the invariably lithe young women does something that propels her body up or over or anything of a radical type movement, at the end, she pushes her skirt back down. Seriously? It's already so short that the imagination can take a break (if that's why people watch them). Smoothing the skirt down only calls attention to will fall by itself in microseconds based on Newton's theory (figs between cake cookies are good). Modesty? uh, hardly. But that's not what startled me tonight while watching a college basketball game.
The team our team was playing had one guy cheer person who did more than hold the females up in the air using questionable handholds. He actually did a series of backflips followed by a roundoff--quite athletic, actually, and equal to many of the great female cheer people I've seen complete that particular set of gymnastic contortions.
And, at the conclusion of his gyrations, HE PULLED HIS SWEATER DOWN TOWARD HIS WAIST! I almost burst out laughing. What were we going to see? It wasn't like it was flopping around his ears, but he did the same thing that the women cheer people always do! I was flabbergasted. For athletic people like that to be conscious about something so trivial surprises me every time I see it.
Oh yeah, there was also a basketball game...I think we won.


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