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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Casual Observations

I've always been a somewhat casual spectator when it comes to sports. I like sports but would much rather play than watch. Super Bowl? NBA Finals? I'd just as soon do something other than watch...after all, the commercials are online long before the games start. World Series...well, depending on who's playing, I might give that some attention. NASCAR? uh, no. Thus, when March Madness comes around, and everyone goes ga-ga (and NOT in a Ladylike fashion, either) over college basketball, I'll read about the results but seldom watch more than a few minutes before venturing off to read or, on days like today, get outside, even if it just means doing basic yard work. There are some observations I have made about March Madness, though...not good, bad or indifferent...just observations.

1. The NCAA must make billions of dollars on merchandising alone during this time (while the players get virtually nothing).

2. When four national networks can agree to SHARE the income, you know they are raking it in as well.

3. Racial disparity that is so evident in men's basketball is not quite as disparate in the women's game.

4. There is NO racial diversity apparent among the cheerleading/dance teams or in pep bands.

5. It only takes three talking heads to discuss basketball while pro football needs five for every game.

6. About half of the talking heads cannot correctly pronounce the word "tournament," pronouncing it like "torenament." Seriously, would you say "The Tore de France"? or "Let me give a tore of my new place"? Of course not. This irritating affectation of East Coastese is simply too irritating.

All in all, I suspect that many people cannot wait to watch college basketball for the underdog/upset factor, just like they love hockey for the fights or car racing for the crashes, but when teams like UConn can play despite failing to graduate its players for four years in a row (until next year when they are forbidden far...we'll see what kind of cojones the NCAA has) one realizes that all is not pristine in this world of "amateur" athletics.
So, I'll go outside tomorrow for more yard work and read the synopses online.
Jaded...that's me.


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