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Friday, March 02, 2012

It's Manteresting for Me!

18,000 Women Like This

Coming out of the cave yet again...I saw something on a social networking site the other day about something called "Pinterest," and I had no idea what the heck THAT was. Now I know and probably wish I didn't, in some ways. For me, anything that 12 million people like means that it's become "trendy," and I want no part of it. Oh sure, I have a social network account though I tell myself it's just to keep track of the kids. Finding out about this site just renews my idea that I am hopelessly out of the loop when the internet is concerned.
For the one or two others out there who have been as sequestered as I have been, this site is devoted to pictures (I think) of interest to women (mostly) and fall into one of the following categories: fashion, arts and crafts, recipes, seasonal events and interior design. My guess is that you won't find many guys posting pictures of the greatest dunk of all time ot the closest NASCAR finish ever.
According to estimates, 85% of site users are female, and they go to get ideas about certain things and to find out what's going on in other parts of the world, I think. The snowman cookie pictured above was "repinned" (posted by another user who liked it) more than 18,000 times, illustrating the point of the site: if someone has an interesting idea, others will like it as well.
Not to be overdone by the distaff set, it appears that there are now sites arising that aim for the male viewer: "Gentlemint" and "Manteresting" are the two I've read about. I have some suggestions for the "boards" (categories of photos) for the guys' version:

"Clothing" (styles newer than 10 years ago)
"Auto Accessories"
"Buffet Restaurants"
"Man Cave Accessories"
"Best Remote Controls"
(sadly) "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues"

Not saying that I would pin pictures in ANY of those categories, it's just what I see as the equivalent categories for men.
I'll stick with Spotify for my interests.


At 11:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1 - I can't believe all the people jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon. Granted, I've had an account for almost a year now (before it went public).

2 - It's on it's way out. People whining about copyright.

3 - I LOVE it. I've got recipes, kid crafts, sewing projects, dream vacation destinations, organizational ideas all neatly categorized.

It's awesome, but yeah, that does sound kind of chicky.


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