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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Now I Get It

What Would You Change?

While you and I are probably still pondering why on earth parents would allow three-year-olds to be exposed to sexual messages, the answer is supplied in the latest Miss Universe Pageant, held recently (who knew?).
I watch such displays as often as I watch the Westminster Dog Show (in spite of its being lampooned in the movie Best in Show) which is to say, never. But this one caught my attention with the headline "Dumbest Question Ever."
I'm usually accused of asking dumb questions (remember: there are no dumb questions, just dumb people asking questions), so I was naturally intrigued by someone who might be worse at question logic than I. It turned out that the question was one asked of a finalist by a judge in said contest. And once I read the question, I knew there WAS someone out there who asked even more insipid questions...and this person did it on an international stage!
While the aforementioned judge did not actually write the question, the poor woman had to ask it anyway then be bombarded with Twitter posts concerning how she could be such an idiot!
So...Leila Lopes of Angola (pictured above getting her tiara) was asked this question in the final round:
"If you could change one physical characteristic about yourself, what would it be and why?"
Are you kidding me? Here is the woman judged to be MISS FREAKING UNIVERSE, and we want to know how she thinks she's not perfect? If she's not good enough, what does that say about the rest of the women in the world? This is beyond stupid: it is demeaning to women everywhere, and that's what made me think of the hypersexualizing of preschool girls.
If they spend all the time and energy in this pageant crap and are STILL not good enough, the psyche is going to take a beating. None of them will ever be good enough (by that I mean physically and sexually attractive).
Wow. If parents don't put a stop to this, we are going to have more than half our population so insecure that there will be nobody to stop men from being idiots.


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