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Saturday, September 10, 2011

These Had BETTER Be Anti-Gravity

PLUS Free Shipping!

The auction has begun! Nike will auction 150 pairs of these off every day until the 18th. I finally got to see what the price was going to be: since it is a bid-only with no "Buy It Now" option, the price is "market price" (as if I were eating shark fin soup at some fancy restaurant which had more utensils than I could name). With 44 minutes left on this pair in my size today, the price was $3,900, and there were 20 people bidding on them! There were ten other pairs in my size, but these were the cheapest. I would definitely be the only one on my block to have a pair, and I guarantee no "high-paid" teachers will be sporting these to school anytime soon.
Recession? What recession?


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