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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Drunken Party Pirates? I'm In!

What's NOT to "Like"?

I swear people have too much time on their hands these days. Seriously. It seems like every week I get invitations to play some kind of simulation game on Facebook. I refuse every single time. I suppose The Sims was cool when it game out (like a Commodore 64), but now that even ESPN has gotten into the "build your own..." genre, it's just too much. I mean, if South Park does a parody of something, you just KNOW it's time to avoid it. This, however, just might change my mind.
Sometime in October, according to CNN, Jimmy Buffett's Facebook site will launch Margaritaville Online, and I can imagine it being a huge hit, mostly because Buffett himself is "liked" by more than 600,000 people (I have not joined that select company, though). The game will feature characters like Captain Tony and Joe Merchant, and players can hop from island to island having quest-like adventures. The graphics will remind us more of Wii than "Farmville" for what that's worth, and in addition to the quests, one will be able to play games with his or her Parrothead friends: games like limbo and "Drunken Party Pirates." Just the title makes me want to play.
Can I wait until sometime in October when this will debut? Do I have a choice?
The timing of all of this has a surreal quality since we just decided yesterday that we would travel to Key West after Christmas for a little bit of Margaritaville ourselves.


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