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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Tempting, But...Probably Not

Back to a future mortgage!

You really have to hand it to marketing on this one. Of course, the strategy is nothing new: make something impossible to buy , and everyone will want one. ..and so it is with the Nike McFly, going on sale now by bid only on EBay.
Nike has taken the iconic shoe which appeared in public once (as far as I know), and that was in the movie Back To The Future, Pt. II. Marty Mcfly, a.k.a. Michael J Fox, wore these shoes in the movie, and people wanted them immediately. What's not to like? LED displays that almost left a streak of light as one began to move almost faster than the speed of light? Gimme some!
Now, Nike has promised to release 1500 pairs through September 18th on an auction site on EBay. Since they are an auction item, one can only imagine what the ceiling on these babies is. While the auction was to begin tonight at 8:30, there were none up when I checked, but then I'm in Central time...maybe it's Mountain or Pacific time. (though I did stay up to get the first try at an iPad 2, I doubt I'll be awake for this one). The Nike site on EBay DID have a figurine of the shoe, and bids were around $300 already...for a figurine no bigger than, say, a silver dollar! Are you kidding me? The actual shoe will cost a fortune!
In defense of the [project, however, the proceeds are designated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation that supports research for Parkinson's Disease, the same malady that afflicts Fox himself. With matching funds from one of the Google founders and his wife of up to $50 million, one can easily see that I won't be getting the money together to purchase a pair.
Maybe I could sell my convertible: one sweet ride traded for another?


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