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Friday, September 02, 2011

Pain Is Not Funny...Even on TV

It seems like every television program that features "cute" videos for the audience's entertainment features a barrage of offerings in which serious injury could result. CMT has a show, hosted by a comedian, which highlights the dumbest (and potentially most dangerous) accidents folks can have. If you remember Jackass, the premise was basically the same: stupid guys doing dangerous things and, invariably, going down for the count. I'm not talking about the X Games, here: I'm referring to videotaped tomfoolery like hooking up a giant slide on the roof and trying to hit a small, inflatable pool a hundred feet away...stuff like that.
However, the one that always gets HUGE laughs and can, potentially, be the most painful is the footage of a dad pitching a ball to his four-year-old who proceeds to hit a line drive right back into the, uh, groin area of his father. This never fails to get major laughs, but we never see the aftermath. As a guy, I always cringed when this type of "humor" was televised, because it is hard to imagine how painful it is: think kidney stones; think sudden hot flashes of nausea exploding throughout the system; think about wanting to curl up and vomit get the picture...and this doesn't even speak to the diminished possibility of fatherhood at a later date.
I've always been somewhat jealous because women never seem to be involved in any of these pursuits (potentially due to a "smart" gene guys don't have) and, for all I know, don't seem to be in such imminent danger of excruciating pain (OK, there's childbirth, but that's at least agreed upon beforehand...more-so by men, I suspect, but still...) Now, I can stop being jealous because there IS something I just read about that seems at least as painful as the below-the-belt line drive and with potential serious health effects: high impact damage to silicone breast implants.
Recently, a woman in Britain had one explode after getting hit while paintballing: really. Getting hit with a projectile going 190 mph hurts at best, but this woman apparently got hit in the chest, and her implant exploded.
Now, I know most guys would laugh at that, but I would bet it's very painful, and I know there are serious health risks involved in such an instance. I even looked up the FDA warnings about hazards of such cosmetic alteration, and, trust me, you don't want to know...despite the FDA's clearance of such procedures as "safe."
As a result of this incident, paintball operations in the U.K. have changed their procedures to include "information concerning the dangers of paintballing," and "extra padding" for surgically-enhanced participants.
If it were a cartoon, maybe funny. In real life, not so much.
And I'm not pitching to grandkids from less than 20 feet away.


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