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Monday, August 29, 2011

Not Just the Weather

I think Bill Gates should intervene. He seems to be one of the few really wealthy people interested in committing to a better America. He and his wife are well-known philanthropists...sure, they can afford to be, but so can many others who simply insist on doubling the size of their mansions in La Jolla or wherever while refusing to do something positive for America. We need a new news outlet...both radio and television.
By "new," what I mean is "unbiased and focused on the good things that matter." We currently have none of that. We are burdened with newspapers and magazines whose publishers and/or owners have a distinct agenda (e.g. Murdoch, as one of many) and the money to force their ideas on a mostly unsuspecting population who thinks the information is true simply because it comes heralded as "unbiased" when it is nothing of the sort. While National Public Radio might be seen in that light at times, it has a definite "for" and "against" point of view, as evidenced by the way Republicans tried to cut its funding recently.
Bill Gates could give us something like the BBC: unfunded by special interests with the sole purpose of providing the unadulterated news and allowing us to make our own decisions about what to make of events around the world...the unvarnished truth based on fact.
That's what we need. What do we get?
News items that contain accounts of
Cloris Leachman saying she was "DTF" to the cast of Jersey Shore on an awards program yesterday.
Political news indicating that this year's recall election campaign was the "Nastiest in history."
Beyonce's "baby bump."
Six of the top seven stories concern the local football team.
Bill, help us out here. Inquiring minds DO want to know...without inanities and distortions.


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