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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Affirmative Action? Negative!

Hash Brownies...or Just Brownies?

The University of California-Berkeley has always been something of a hotbed for political eyebrow-raising behavior. Students at UCLA and USC are busy with sorority/frat parties and getting cut-rate deals from agents...oh wait, that's just the sports guys. Anyway, Berkeley students have never been afraid to protest anything they find unseemly, and this week, a group of them are taking on a proposed legislative act by the State of California to include some affirmative action tenets to the admission process to universities in the state.
It would seem that the Young Republicans branch of the campus feels that white people are, once again, being hindered from achieving the American Dream of a college education in California as more and more minorities (including women, it seems) are on the cusp of being given a favorable look-see when it comes to who gets in and who goes to JuCo somewhere...and they are doing something to protest the inequity: they are having a bake sale!
Of course, this is not just ANY bake sale. In this one, the prices for cookies or brownies are adjusted based on ethnic origins so white people pay the most, and American Indians pay the least...with the "bonus" of getting a $.25 additional break if the buyer happens to be female!
The group claims to simply be calling attention to the "reverse discrimination" being felt by white people in this country...especially when it comes to higher education. Of course, this is not the first such outrage: the University of Michigan medical school faced similar complaints over the number of qualified white people who did not get admitted in favor of some "lesser-qualified" members of minority groups; thus, this is not a new story, but the approach to calling this miscarriage of justice to our attention is a radical one truly fitting to Cal-Berkeley's reputation.
Response has been vitriolic and vast. While the group expected SOME lashback, they did not expect threats of violence (which they got in ever-increasing volume). Undaunted, the Young Republicans plan to continue the bake sale with a sliding price scale, and I await the results.
USC and UCLA students are content to pay $5.75 for their brownies at Starbucks, and will not be affected by the goings-on at Berkeley.


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