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Monday, June 06, 2011

Playing It Loose and Fast (honestly!)

It's no wonder things have gone downhill with the advent of 24-hour news, sports coverage and immediate technology like Twitter and Facebook. What those factors have achieved is merely to let us know what a group of total nincompoops we are collectively. lest this begins to sound like a Carlos Zambrano-like tantrum of throwing the teammates under the bus, let me offer some simple examples of what I mean:
"Not meant to be a factual statement"
"I can't say with certitude"/WeinerGate
'"Paul Revere warning the British"
Governors covering up illegitimate children
Bible-reading coaches who cheat and cover up with lies
Illegal campaign donations used to cover an affair
A political party encouraging "fake" politicians to run in recall elections
Snooki in Italy
A veritable host of athletes tweeting idiotic things constantly
The idea that ANYBODY would be interested in what's happening every 30 seconds in anybody's life.
The "lame-stream media" practically drooling over every nonsensical misstatement that She Whose Name Must Not Be Mentioned Makes.
24-7 coverage of recently-incarcerated athletes
Continuous coverage of anything Lindsey Lohan-related.
Ridiculous marathon award shows..."Best On-Screen Kiss" Really?
He said, she said.
...and I see no end in sight...


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