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Sunday, June 05, 2011

No Room for Cars


We went to look for a children's wagon this week. We have three grandkids under four years old and a spacious park/play area across the street and wandering vistas to explore so the wagon seemed like a great idea. The sticker shock was case you have not priced a wagon lately, the price must include Goldfinger-esque appointments. Fortunately, the neighborhood garage sale happened concurrently. Little did I know what we would end up with!
The Little Tykes company made a fortune selling things to our neighbors over the last few years, and it would appear that the Sesame Street brand did well also. It was lucky for us that we didn't need any of that stuff until this week when our granddaughter came to visit. Now, however, our garage and driveway and yard are all filled with inexpensive expensive toys, and we were worn out just playing with her. Now, the problem is storage! The garage barely had enough room for the cars, lawnmower, snowblower, four bikes, recycling containers, kayaks and gardening tools. Adding these larger-than-I-would-like toys means that every time I want to get the grill out, I will have to complete a shifting around of stuff that would do credit to a moving company. I've got even money down that I will, one of these days, back over something on my way out with one of the vehicles.
Granted, everything but the wagon (not pictured) was inexpensive, and God knows that keeping a two-year occupied takes more than a Dr. Suess book (this one already manipulates an iPad), but we have so much that four or five times during the weekend, cars stopped by to see if we were part of the garage sale! But at least the little girl is a discerning shopper: as we walked the neighborhood looking for must-have items, she would hop out of the wagon (a very handy purchase) and sift through the toys she found fascinating...throwing some in the wagon and attempting to drag others down various driveways; so while we did end up with a number of items, we did not get the battery-powered Barbie-mobile or the bike that connected to the television to play video games or the various chairs, desks, chalkboards and stuffed animals that she had her eye one.
Now, we can have our own garage sale, because the basement was already full of kid toys.
No wonder we were exhausted when she left town!


At 10:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh grandparenthood...already looking forward to about 25 years.


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