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Monday, May 16, 2011

Mystery Solved or Security Baffled Again

Both times I've gone through security either going to oncoming from Greece, I've been asked to open my backpack. Since there has been no charge for bags (and pseudo-Little Debbies on Olympic Airlines)' I put everything of a liquid nature in a bag with all the souvenirs (alcohol scented T- shirt anyone?) in a normal carryon bag and checked it. As a result, I've been puzzled at why my bag needed to be disassembled and reassembled. Today, however, the light bulb went on, and I finally figured it out Security again asked me to open my bag, sifted through my clean underwear and toiletries stolen from various hotels...and stopped dead.
Urgent hand-waving called two or three other security folks, and they all took turns handling the strange object and offering guesses (I suppose) as to what exactly they were seeing. Since I could not explain in English, I had to show them: hitting the switch, my electric razor began to buzz alarmingly, and all of them looked quizzically at me while backing away slightly. "Shaver!" I said several time as they continued to evaluate the terrorist threat. I put it up to my face and simulated shaving, and they all said something that might have been " Crazy foreigner," and let me go on my way, much to the relief of the queue that had formed behind me.
Next time I come to Greece, I am not bringing a shaver. Not only will I fit in with 95%of the male population, It will save undo hassles with the foreign security folks.
Who knows what awaits me in Turkey?
And I got sunburned today...


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