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Sunday, May 01, 2011

It Wasn't THAT Big of a Deal

Isn't Chelsea Lately On?

I would have thought that now that the hoopla is over in Jolly Old England, the analysts can now begin discussing and/or taking odds on how long the marriage will last as well as discussing all the drunken parties that seemed to fill the streets. However, just so you know, this event was not even in the top five most-watched internet events in history. Surprised? Don't be. While the wedding set an all-time record with more than 300,000 live streams, it did not do as well on the internet as some other events. While it WAS the 6th biggest thing to be featured on the internet, making the top 5 would have seemed to be a cinch as we led up to the big event. So, what were the top 5?
In June of 2010, there were two events (going on at the same time, no less) that garnered 10.4 page views per minute: World Cup soccer and the longest tennis match ever at Wimbledon (remember that one? It took 2 days to finish one match!)
In second place with 6.4 million page views per minute was the Euro Cup soccer matches, also in 2010.
The third-biiggest internet event was the opening day of World Cup 2010 (sense a theme here?).
The U.S. midterm elections garnered 5.7 million notices, followed by the U.S/Algeria World Cup match.
Will and Kate followed all of that action with 5.4 million page views per minute.
all of this information was compiled by Akamai Net Usage Index which tracks such things...just for something to do, I suspect. Of course, one must remember that this is still rather new technology in terms of information gathering.
Look for an episode of Family Guy coming soon to the top ten!


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