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Thursday, May 12, 2011

What's a Grecian Urn?

The answer is: about fifty dollars a day (as the old joke goes). That's when nobody is on strike...people were yesterday, and the tour bus drivers are on strike tomorrow. Interestingly, the strikes occur between noon and four. Odd, to say the least. Our walking tour of Athens today showed us many sights we would not have seen otherwise. The are more dogs lying asleep in this city than there are cars, I think. Nobody seems to own them, and one shopkeeper told me that dogs lying around was a good sign because it means that we're. Not. eating them in restaurants...good news, I suppose. Greek salads are incredibly tasty because everything is fresh the day one eats it. The Parthenon at night is awe-inspiring as it has been for a couple of thousand years. If this honeymoon gets any better, we'll have to get married again!


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