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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Grecian Formula

Greece has been civilized for thousands of took me a couple of says to acclimate...just in time to leave. Some thoughts on Athens before I go:
Not every Greek person smokes...I did not see one person under the age of ten smoking.
Leave the razor at home! Greek men, especially younger ones, favor the 5 o'clock shadow look.
Style? Don't ask me about it...All I noticed was that Nike shoes are rare.
There is more history here than almost any place in the world...but we liked Angkor Wat better.
Everything happens late in Greece...almost nothing gets going before 10 in the morning, but almost everything is open until 9 at night in Athens.
The Greeks' idea of "cold" is decidedly not mine!
All the street signs are in Greek which can be confusing to me...but I'm easily confused.
The subway cars in Athens are more crowded than a stampede at a Who concert. There were so many people jammed in the car in which I was riding that a pickpocket could not have stolen anything from me.
Off to a. More idyllic setting in Crete tomorrow.


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