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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The New Silent Majority

As a matter of sanity and in search of a lower-than- through-the-roof blood pressure, I generally do not get involved with discussions about religion and/or politics (some believe these to be interchangeable). I have my beliefs and opinions, both hopefully based on something other than "I heard it on the radio," but I generally keep them to myself

a) because I'm not going to convince anyone else who has already made up his or her mind about something like the birthplace of an individual or the right to engage in deadly wars while decrying abortion...or worse yet, lying about the facts as an elected representative.
b) because I have real issues of my own to solve as well as a family and close friends to worry about.

As I noted, I try not to get in a stone-throwing contest, but I almost broke that vow the other fact, I think my tongue is still bleeding a bit from my biting down on it (more figuratively than literally).
A person who was a great friend 40 years ago just came back into my life, and he is as conservative as one might be. No problem: as an entrepreneur, I can see how anything that might be called "socialistic" would be bad for his bottom line. But, he stepped over the line the other day when he posted a comment on Facebook after a particular political turn in favor of his political view: "There's a win for the silent majority."
I really wanted to respond, "Why the hell don't you STAY silent then? I'm sick of listening to the crap you parrot from Glenn Beck."
The fact that he and others of his ilk are in no way silent when they spout idiocies...
For example:
In Texas, a government official proposed a LAW that would prohibit the courts from using Sharia Law in deciding cases.
His rationale? "Well, they allow it in Dearborn, Michigan, and I don't want that here."
When confronted by the mayor of Dearborn with the news that Sharia Law was in no way implemented within the court system there, the senator responded,
"Well, I heard it on the radio on my way in to work today, so it must be real, right?"
Be the majority for the time being.
Just shut up.


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