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Thursday, April 14, 2011

There's More Than "Angry Birds"?

Having owned a couple of laptops that went the way of a couple of cars I've owned (given to kids because they "needed" them while presumably I did not), I am always leery about jumping into the next hot thing. Eventually, One of the kids will weasel it out of me using some sort of "Reverse-Parent-Guilt-Because -You-Like-My-Siblings-Better" gambit, so it's generally simpler just to avoid getting too big for my technological britches. This time, though, I think I am covered.
We bought each of the kids who did not have one an iPhone for Christmas so they could keep up with each other and us via the FaceTime app...very much Apple's version of Skype. Having done that, I figured it was safe to go iPad2. Each of the kids has a laptop and an iPhone so an iPad is nothing they don't have already in another platform. I still have not had a great deal of time to sit and work with it, but so far, it's been all I thought it would be.
It's quick, easily portable when I travel, and can be linked to my home email, my office email and the cable television service I have. I could watch every game of the NCAA championships for free, and now I find there is a free app for a voice recorder so I can use it just as I not do to record lectures for students (no idea whether or not I can check Facebook while recording a class, though!)
I chose not to get the versions that demanded a monthly payment for internet service...too much connectedness is not a good thing. While most airports have Wi-Fi, they also have a fee for using obvious drawback. I can also upload photos from a memory card (via a special attachment sold separately) so on our upcoming honeymoon, I can send back day-by-day visuals to all my jealous friends who have to actually go to work on those days. Of course, it will store selections on iTunes, as one would expect, but the rear-facing camera can record video as well...though maybe a bit more clumsily than the iPhone that will accomplish the same thing.
And, if all that is not enough,
I can play "Angry Birds" for free all day!


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