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Sunday, April 03, 2011

I'm Anti-Hypocrite

Book Burning: Wingnuts Arise!

Very seldom am I tempted to venture into a controversial topic like religion or politics in this forum. Simply put, it would be either preaching to the choir or anything I might opine would be totally disavowed. It seems we have gotten to a point in this country where a mutual, respectful dialogue is impossible...and I blame the media and the nutjobs that seem to proliferate for no other reason than to inflame one segment of society against another through trash-talking and demeaning diatribes.
And they do it all without thinking how it might affect others.
Take Representative Peter King, the man who recently held hearings in Washington concerning the "radicalization of American Muslims." Like one Eugene McCarthy, King sees a terrorist behind every bush, and each one of them is a devout Muslim determined to bring us down.
Then, there's that wacko minister in Florida (another He Who Must Not Be Named) who finally managed to burn the Koran after giving it a trial! The judge and jury came from across this country (scary, isn't it) and was filmed by a television network that offered last September to publicize the act as it was originally planned. The mustachioed minister claimed that he "thought some people would be upset" by his actions: let's see: more than 20 killed and 80 injured in the resulting protests which have no end in sight. Yes, I would say he got that one right. Defending himself, he noted that it was his job to "stir the pot" because we'd become to complacent about the terrorist threat. even peaceful Muslims hate us worldwide. Defaming their holiest text and declaring their religious beliefs to be evil should just about ruin any chance we might have had of emerging from three war fronts with any friends left among the people we have been trying to "help."
Thanks for the help, guys.
And now, of course, the next election cycle is upon us in Wisconsin, and I've been beleaguered by persistent phone callers reminding me of my duty. Believe me, I know my duty, and it will not be criticizing Muslims and creating an atmosphere of fear and contentious "me vs you" climate that has surrounded us here lately.
I especially liked two things about things I've noticed recently:
1. a flyer touting one candidate as the only pro-life choice in this election.
2. A bumper sticker I saw the other day: "Pro-Life and Pro-War? Sorry, I'm Anti-Hypocrite"

No wonder the Muslims around the world, in addition to the Buddhists, Hindus, atheists and other Christians dislike America so much.
Too many wingnuts.


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