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Friday, April 08, 2011

16 Days To Go

The Ultimate Diet Prescription?

J. Wilson )on the right in the photo) has lost 18 pounds in 31 days, and even my feeble math skills say that's almost half a pound a day. If you've been following this story at all (instead of the really depressing political news), you know him as the guy who decided that for Lent, that he would try to emulate the Bavarian monks of 300 years ago and forego all food during that time, existing solely on a dark home-brewed beer that was referred to as "liquid bread." The story goes that this was the way pious monks used to go through Lent: completely abstaining from food, subsisting only on this robust liquid.
With 16 days to go, it looks as though Wilson will survive the Lenten season. To further embody the experience, this nominal Christian has even taken up scripture reading and meditation in seeking some kind of enlightenment...and he says it's been working.
Not only has he felt no hunger since the second day, he indicates that he's felt "tidbits of enlightenment" during his abstinence. Whether or not he will consume the entire 279 gallons brewed for him by the Rock Bottom Brewery in Des Moines, Iowa, has yet to be determined, but he does quaff three 12 ounce glasses every day: morning, noon, and evening. He continues to visit a doctor to make sure he's not doing any permanent damage to himself, but otherwise feels good.
The day his fast ends will be spent with smoothies, according to Wilson, edging toward a huge meal of Mexican food two or three days later. One might guess those 18 pounds will come back rather quickly.
The one thing he WON'T be having? Illuminator Dobbelbock beer. He's had enough to last him a lifetime.


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