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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sure, They're Good, But STILL...

Worth $10,000?

We've already had this discussion concerning the elimination of choices from the Girl Scout cookie catalog, due mostly to a paucity of people buying the ones dumped. Not so Thin Mints.
As I reported earlier, Thin Mints are the most popular seller among the choices offered by the Girls in Green. They have just the right mix of chocolate and mint, and they pop easily into one's mouth, and before long, the whole box is gone. Fortunately for most of us, we know where the tasty treats went: into our (or our loved ones...grudgingly...mouths). Such was not the case last week for a Naples, Florida woman, and the loss appears to have been just too much.
Hersha Howard, 31, awoke Sunday morning to find that her not-so-secret stash of Thin Mints had disappeared, and she was NOT happy about say the least. In fact, she was madder than...(I'll let you fill in with your favorite from Larry the Cable Guy here). She accused her roomie of eating them, and faced with a denial by that person, grabbed a scissors and proceeded to chase the unfortunate woman woman around their domicile, stopping only to gather up a board and a sign with which she lambasted the unfortunate woman. Thereupon, the roommate's husband tried to intervene but had to resort to the constabulary to resolve the confrontation.
Upon questioning, the battered woman admitted that she had given the cookies to Howard's children but had not eaten them herself. This whole situation brings to mind several questions:
1. A married woman also has a roommate who has children...huh?
2. A mother doesn't even know her children have been eating cookies? Where was she at the time the tots were clamoring for Thin Mints?
3. If someone has a possession that is prized so completely, should this commodity be left lying around where it could easily disappear? I think, maybe, a safety deposit box for such things would be in order.
4. Why don't Girl Scouts sell these things year 'round so dangerous events like this won't happen?
5. A scissors I could see, but who has a sign and a board lying handily around the house for the purpose of beating someone? "Oh, yeah, excuse the mess...these things are just lying around in case I need to defend myself."
6. Is $10,000 a high enough bail for someone who would attempt (after a fashion) murder and/or mayhem over cookies?

While I like Thin Mints, I'm also OK with the ones with peanut butter in them as well as those with coconut on them. Seriously...I would LET you have the Thin Mints. Besides, there's Little Debbies lying around somewhere, too.


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