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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No Surprises Here!

Every now and then I get entranced by online surveys/quizzes in an attempt to find out something about myself that I didn't know. While realizing these are all far too basic to actually be of significance, it's still an interesting diversion. Today, I decided to see which career might be right for me, based on a seven-question survey found on the BBC news site (URL below).
The questions were of a fairly specific nature based on John Holland's Model of Vocational Choice in which he identified six types of people: realistic, conventional, social, enterprising, artistic, and investigative. Hypothetical situations concerning development of a specific product and the respondent's role in that production led to responses that eventually identified not only areas of strength but areas that one should probably avoid. While it is probably too late in the game to decide on a possible career choice for myself, I thought it would be interesting to see if I'd made choices throughout life that corresponded to my view of myself.
Turns out...I have.
It was suggested that I was NOTa conventional type of person who would enjoy working within systems in a large organizations (I even hate crowds at social events!) with a focus on efficiency and accuracy.
Also noted was my poor outlook in the realistic domain: those people who prefer actions to words and would rather work with things than with actual people. While I don't necessarily see myself as a "people" person, too much solitude is boring...I need somewhere between unloading returned toilets from trucks (which I've done) and tussling with tourists in Door County fudge shops on the weekend (not one of my best moments!).
There were some bright spots, however, as I fervently hoped there would be.
I scored well in the social area, the enterprising area and the artistic area so suggested careers involved the activities of teaching and supporting others, self-expression, persuasion and influencing others as well as managing and (my favorite, perhaps) controlling others.
Spending the ten minutes to check out the possibilities was a far better use of my time than reading about all the rebuttals to the State of the Union address, at least. (No surprises there, either).


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Scary accurate - at least for me.


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